i’m a 19 year old full time university student , part time server at an Italian restaurant. together, school and work satisfy my constant need to obsess and worry over things and when I have neither of them I tend to go crazy. I’m an introvert. Definitely a type B. Basically, unless I know you well I won’t really say anything to you unless I think it’s absolutely necessary. I love cats and books and I wear glasses. Yes, i’m that chick.  If nothing else works out, at least I know I have a place to fill in the world as a crazy middle aged cat lady. Does this comfort me? Not really, but at least it’s something.  I’m currently in my second semester of my first year of college (mouthful?) studying to become a (?). I’m horrible at math, great at English but too lazy to really make anything out of it though I am currently a declared English major. Whatever I end up doing, I WILL be comfortable , happy , and motivated with it, regardless. I want to be significant in my area of profession. I’m not the kind of person who would settle for a simple cubicle job. My career will be my life.

Anyways currently: I love school, I love serving. Though both have their cons. Learning new things and becoming an educated, aware, individual is something I will always strive for. Making sure your dinner is hot, not dumped all over you,  and to your liking is another one of those things.Would you really order a water with lemon if it wasn’t free…? The service industry has taught me a lot about being a professional and realizing how rude and bizarre most people are. Most of my pet peeves have developed from serving and most of my patience has as well. I have server dreams often. Dreams of being in the weeds. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. I lose a lot of sleep over it. Do I love my job though? Yes. it’s very rewarding and even fun at times. It keeps me grounded and motivated and the hours pair nicely with school.

I have a boyfriend, he’s who I spend most of my time with. an ododo. I don’t expect you to know what that means, and nor do I expect you do understand why i’ve suddenly begun using proper capitalization on this page. I like lowercase letters in general when i’m not writing papers for school so you’ll see mostly that in everything I write on here. my boyfriend is partially , in fact mostly responsible for keeping me grounded. I recognize that i’m majorly antisocial otherwise, but it’s honestly by choice. I prefer acquaintances to close friends. That and I haven’t quite met those people yet that I deem worth my time.  With all this being said though I do hope to find some actual good friends/ people to be around during college. It would definitely diversify at least the social aspects of my life.


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