my spring break


So there’s much to update on. This past week has been my spring break and now that it’s almost to a close I figured I’d recap most of it.

The first half of the week was shitty and pretty much just “unfinished business” related. My boyfriends best friend needed his car shipped up to his military base and we had a lot of issues with timing and the driver and even managing to get the damn car on the tow truck (its a really low car). Finally though, on I think tuesday? It was all taken care of and we could all breathe easier about stuff for the most part. That same day we went.. Well attempted to go visit our old high school teachers with our friends visiting from uni. That failed when we realized that due to new policy and administration, our school basically blows now and doesn’t allow alumni to visit. Cool.

So then thursday I had jury duty! My boyfriend was awesome enough to come with me (as it was an unfamiliar area) and so we embarked on our awesomee adventure around 5 am as I had to be there before eight. I basically sat in a room all day watching various movies and I was in the last group of jurors to be called which sucked cause I would’ve much rather been excused in the beginning of the day than at the end-but that’s life. Kinda bummed I couldn’t serve though due to school, believe it or not. I actually think it would’ve been really fascinating to sit in a murder trial. Oh well there’s always like 3 years from now? Or whenever else I get the glorious notification in the mail.

So this brings us to the current. I am currently running on maybe five hours of sleep? And attempting to take care of my hung over boyfriend :/ ( I feel so bad he looks awful and I’ve never been hung over so I can’t relate). We’re in a parking garage because people are checking out his moms place ( they’ve been trying to sell it for awhile now) and due to the fact that he’s hung over I’m to understand that dark is good right now, so what better place? What all of this means is that we finally had an awesome time with our friends last night. Probably the best since high school. Things have never really felt the same and last night they did and it was pretty awesome. I, the designated driver, drove everyone to taco bell ( popular demand of the night ) and they were hilarious. We went around the drive thru three times in a row bc everyone had different methods of payment- lol it was so juvenile. But yeah, it was really nice being with all of them again-nice to have friends in general. My boyfriend had too much fun apparently, but good for him. I never drink so I don’t know what its like ( its due to my phobia of throwing up really) … ( Oh and I hate the taste of alcohol?) But I have on occasion been like, ” wow looks like they’re having fun, maybe I’ll never know what it’s like”, but that thought hasn’t seemed to bother me to the point where I’ve taken up drinking yet so we’ll just see lol ( it’s a no). 🙂 Anyways, I’m really hoping that they’re done looking at the place soon cause my guy needs sleep, food, and quiet. Parking garages are great and everything but I’ve become pretty clammy. I will attempt to update later this week but as for right now it’s adios. I think my blackberry has suffered enough typing for one day

Edit: I hate this ” spring forward ” thing arghh. Anyways: post needs picture


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