today has been kind of a drag…


Lots of unfinished business that the boyfriend had to take care of and I’ve spent much of today sitting in an evolution. If you don’t know what that’s like its not too pleasant. Attempted to have chipotle for lunch today and failed miserably (burritos and I don’t exactly mix…along with most mexican food for that matter). So anywho now I’m at home and after a pbj I’m feeling a bit better. My awesome mom is making ash and I juice (my mom received a juicer for xmas and abuses it around this time everyday) so we’re sticking around for juice and then we both have some money to deposit so hopefully we’ll make it to the bank before it closes. Oh and the blackberry issue? Turns out that tmobiles 3G network is having temporary “issues” bc when I went into the store the guy immediately informed me that my phone is fine and that for it to work I’d simply need to switch it back to edge. So moral of my story: tech support (yes after five calls with them) knows nothing and it’s actually very sad. Now I’m just waiting on the 3G to come back so I can have my bb at max speed :). Anyways, its juice time. Byeee


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