So I splurged and…


bought a crackberry blackberry.

The Bold to be precise :). I was eligible for an upgrade and being completely honest, the phone I had prior to the berry wasn’t all that bad. I had the T-mobile shadow and it was your typical entry level “smart phone” but to be honest, the windows operating system on it was rather laggy, causing things to freeze up when say picking up a call, turning on the phone, and sending messages (specifically picture ones). SO after realizing that an iPhone (at a 90 dollar a month MINIMUM plan) was just not reasonable for someone of my income and after shopping around for other smartphones, I decided to stick with T-mobile. I’ve always had a thing for blackberrys but have just never been able to prior afford the data plan, as back when I worked as a “phone girl”, my income wasn’t that much. So after shelling out around 170$ at the store for phone, upgrade fee, and case combined AND an additional 13$ on a screen protector -sigh- she’s complete and protected and i’m pretty happy with her. The only thing i’m still waiting on is for the data plan to activate (which they said can take up to 48 hours and it’s going to be 48 hours in a few hours so they’ll be getting a call from me if it’s not on by then lol) so that has been a bit frustrating but it’ll be worth it- when it works. 🙂

As for everything else, this week is really bland. It appears that everyone else I know has midterms, yet I do not. Not that this is something to complain about, because it isn’t :). My exams are all fairly scattered and my papers are every other week however enc conferences were this week so we don’t have classes. In other words, not enough for me to worry about = bored. I made out decently at work this weekend and i’m working Saturday this week so there’s an extra day of $. Good stuff. have to make it back anyways after splurging.

Anywho i’m really sick of writing actually after the past two weeks so i’m going to stop here. I’ll probably do a photo blog or something of that sort as my next post, at least until something interesting happens.


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