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So looks like I’m going to actually have to take my blackberry back to tmobile and exchange it for real this time. I was browsing the web on it a little bit ago and noticed that my $ key seemed to be making an odd clicking noise that it hadn’t ever made before. So after […]

my spring break


So there’s much to update on. This past week has been my spring break and now that it’s almost to a close I figured I’d recap most of it. The first half of the week was shitty and pretty much just “unfinished business” related. My boyfriends best friend needed his car shipped up to his […]

Lots of unfinished business that the boyfriend had to take care of and I’ve spent much of today sitting in an evolution. If you don’t know what that’s like its not too pleasant. Attempted to have chipotle for lunch today and failed miserably (burritos and I don’t exactly mix…along with most mexican food for that […]

SO that lasted


for a good four hours. kind of. guess who’s going to Tmobile tonight to exchange her blackberry after five times on the phone with Tmobile tech support in one week and after partaking in every single troubleshooting activity possible? the best part? i’m not even getting phone calls or texts. oh and I got called […]

Pizza,wings, and zombie land with ash. I’m now on spring break 🙂 yeah

bought a crackberry blackberry. The Bold to be precise :). I was eligible for an upgrade and being completely honest, the phone I had prior to the berry wasn’t all that bad. I had the T-mobile shadow and it was your typical entry level “smart phone” but to be honest, the windows operating system on […]