so tuesdays…


are usually the best day of the week for me. One class early in the morning and the rest of the day is free. I usually have the opportunity to get myself to the gym before class too. Unfortunately none of this really held true for today.

Ash and I woke up and felt like we had been hit by a bus or something so no matter how hard we tried we just couldn’t get out of bed. That and it was cold outside so it sucked (Floridians and cold do not mix). Therefore, gym was out of the question. So we decided to pick up breakfast before the morning commute and unfortunately by the time we reached our exit on 95 it was completely backed up :(. We ended up going farther down and getting off at a different one but i’m not quite sure that made a difference at all.  Our university is mostly commuter so traffic all around it is usually completely fucked.

So I made it to class and it was pleasant as usual (i’ve come to really love sociology and i’m actually considering it as a potential major) , it’s interesting enough. After that I went back home andd shortly after I had been home for a bit I was sent this:

So i’m just like awesome our day (it’s our day because its the one day where I only have one class and he has none so we usually spend it together) is shot because now he has to spend a bunch of time fixing it. That and at the same time I felt really bad for him because it’s not even his car and every single car (either one of his brother’s cars) that he ends up having to use craps out on him in some way or another and it just makes things really hard.

At the same time though I was thankful I wasn’t with him because I feel really shitty today and wouldn’t have wanted to been there to deal with it. Anyways, it took him a lot longer than expected to get it in to have the tire replaced and everything but I should be seeing him soon. I ended up driving out to the bank to make deposits from this weekend at work and while I was at it I gassed up little blue and got lunch (ate by myself *tear* lol).

Basically said: Today has been completely unproductive, i’m grouchy because this is my ring free week and i’m expecting the red death any day now, I have b.s. english homework to do for tomorrow and a rough draft due on friday, and I can’t get comfortable no matter how i’m sitting right now arghhh!


Hope everyone’s was good (or lonely or hateful if you hate it). We celebrated on Saturday as I worked Sunday (sunday night was epic). We spent the day together and went out for fondue that night at around 10 (the earliest reservation time they could give him believe it or not even though he called like a week and a half in advance). I got him this movie he’s been dying to see (The Hurt Locker?) even though he kept saying he didn’t want anything I had to get him SOMETHING. ya know?

I was spoiled. I have two new stuffed additions to my bedside family. A beautiful ring and matching necklace, not to mention my favorite arrangement of flowers that’s currently making my bedroom smell wonderful. It was all really unexpected and though I hate being treated like a princess I guess its acceptable to happen to every chick once and awhile. :P.

Anyways, I made out well at work this weekend. Most of it had to do with vday but overall business picked up on monday too so that’s good. Even though I had a perfectly good day at work last night (minus the panic attack I had within like the first hour over something personal) I still had those shitty serving dreams all last night. It was horrible 😦 not to mention I probably woke Ash up a few times from screaming something about “MY TABLES!!” or just my overall tossing and turning. Ugh. I really want my anxiety about work to go away so they will.

I’m going to try to update at least once more this week but I can’t guarantee it -sigh-. I have a sociology exam on Thursday that I have yet to study for, a revision project rough draft due on friday, and I have to bring myself to study for Statistics because I have a quiz on Friday and unfortunately my teacher has begun to suck at explaining things that aren’t basic. So i’m on my own again. Eh. I did it with college algebra, I can do it with stats.


with this piece of beauty:


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